Where’s the User in the User Experience of a business system?

Where’s the User in the User Experience of a business system?

When designing a business application, it is all too often about functionality, data integrity and performance. Taking a leave out of our site design projects, we would have to take decisions according to what we think will look best, what we think will be more intuitive, more useful, etc. Whilst it is pragmatic, it can be dangerous.

With business system design, we disregard user input into the process at our peril. Making the user the centre of the design process could be the best decision you will ever make; it will not only boost your employee productivity, it might help with their loyalty!

Thinking like the employee will not suffice, and your own experience can only influence the outcome. That’s natural. This does not mean that you should not contribute with input and disregard all of your ideas, but you should definitely take into more consideration those coming from employees.

Needless to say that involving the user on every step of the design process does take time and effort, but you will be able to spot your system’s strongest and weakest design points and which parts work and which do not either before (better) or during the development process, which will save time, money and effort, whilst adding financial benefits in the future. It can be pragmatic though, what does that mean: smart use of qualitative research to check assumptions, simple and quick feedback from a small set of panel respondents.

There are several ways of capturing an employees’ input: the best is contextual interviews. It allows for complex business processes to be discussed, approaches to be tested, and ideas discussed.

The process of achieving a great business system UX does not end at design stage; continuously involving users during and post development will add significant benefits.

At Skyron, we design business systems with intuitive interfaces, either for mobile and desktop devices. We care to understand how your employees and you engage and interact with the solutions we deliver.

If you would like to know more about who we work with and the projects we have already designed, check our website and get in touch with us for a free consultation.


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