The ball is in IT’s court…

The ball is in IT’s court…

The story of who owns what in the corporate digital landscape rolls on….for example netbiscuit’s latest research release. Everyone seems to liken it to playground fight. You can almost here the charting in the background…”Fight, Fight, Fight….Still it produces nice infographics, have a look at the visualisation of the netbiscuit’s research


netbiscuit research


or Gartner’s prediction that CMOs will spend more on IT that CIOs will by 2017.



The same topic, albeit with less of an adversarial emphasis produces some clever interactive infographics, like Gartner’s digital marketing transit map and some less interesting one’s, like ZDNet’s “A new reality between the CMO and CIO



Personally I think this war is all a made-up noise….Why? Because it isn’t just marketing that is experiencing, and will continue to experience, significant change through data and technology. It is happening across the piece. Yes, marketing is the often public face of it so it makes it seem more prevalent.  But it is IT, unlike most other areas of the business, which has a comprehensive view of the entire organisation. It is therefore down to how the role of IT is seen in an organisation.


Where IT is expected only to cut costs and “keep the systems running” the responsibility—and purchasing— for digital transformation will reside outside of its control. In organisations where IT is expected to play a key role or even lead this digital transformation, it will help the business navigate the complex and rapidly-changing landscape of all emerging digital technologies and tools. The latter model feels more progressive. But it is IT’s responsibility to make sure that’s how it is perceived in the organisation and that can be shift of mindset.



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