Subscribe to our topic on Corporate Mobile Communications

Subscribe to our topic on Corporate Mobile Communications

If your organisation has not started yet to incorporate mobile thinking and doing into its corporate communications and marketing strategy, it is a matter of time before it should. Our topic will help you stay up-to-speed with the latest thinking, best practices, successes and technical developments relating to the use of mobile in corporate communications. Our curated collection of stories (including posts from our blog) will be covering a number of current issues, including:

  • Incorporating mobile into your communications strategy
  • Understanding mobile email communications
  • Understanding responsive design
  • Mobile apps for marketing
  • New technologies watch
  • Tons of best-practice examples, how-tos and insights

So go ahead and subscribe to our topic’s RSS feed (or follow us if you are an existing user) and find out why mobile is not just about being mobile; instead, it is the first step in truly free communication, liberated from any platform, screen or device limitations and specifications.


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