Siri and the Enterprise

Siri and the Enterprise

If you been reading the press, watching TV or been online in the last few months then no doubt that you’ve seen Siri, the intelligent “personal assistant” on iPhone 4Gs. OK, Siri is an interesting step forward in natural language processing, but how is this relevant an enterprise?

Given consumerisation of IT, there will an impact.

Spending a few moments, hypothesising on what that might be though…Siri’s capabilities go beyond voice recognition, it will have an effect on how we search for and find information. It isn’t us doing the search query here, it is the machine. That brings in the Semantic Web, If then we also layer in Enterprise Search and how it varies from web search (different types of repositories, enterprise bookmarking; federated search etc). Then to get the most from personal assistant technology in the Enterprise both concepts need to be understood and implemented.

There will be the demand. Employees will be used to ‘personal assistants‘ in the private lives and will expect the same from the work place. Those Enterprises that embrace both concepts now should benefit. Especially, if the intranet of the future is a series of apps and personal assistant technology.


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