iPad advertising will create amazing opportunities for B2B brands

iPad advertising will create amazing opportunities for B2B brands

We have been commissioned to create some engaging interactive advertising for a global B2B brand that will run on a publisher’s iPad application. Having spent some time reviewing the best and most adventurous advertising on iPad apps it feels like we are back in the late 90s when a few pixelated GIF banners went on to profoundly transform the advertising industry. At the moment most iPad app ads are simply print ads that magically rearrange themselves when the iPad changes orientation. Some brands have started experimenting with more interactive formats but so far they are the exception.

The opportunity for B2B brands is enormous

Demos of solutions or products are very often a critical part of the B2B marketing and sales process of many organisations. But what does it take to stick a prospect in front of the product/solution demo you spent days creating? If you go through your usual sales process it might take months of hard work to set up the demo meeting; if you advertise on your industry’s portal, you’d be lucky if more than 0.3% of users click to see your online demo; if you try to gather a crowd for a Webinar, the reach is extremely limited.

Fast forward to two years from now when most industry magazines will have launched their iPad (or  other tablet reader) applications all of which can easily run advertising. The user browses through the latest issue of the magazine and comes across your full screen ad (or smaller, when ad formats start to become more flexible); but this is not any reformatted print ad, but a full scale demo of your solution. The size of the screen has allowed you to embed a detailed interactive demo with infographics, video testimonials and expert views right there inside the single screen ad. The same demo on a smart phone will be compromised by the size of the screen and the PC does not offer the same intimate browsing experience the iPad does.

Getting your demo on an iPad  app advert means that prospects will be spending more time watching your solution come alive on their screens and interacting with it a lot earlier in the sales cycle, which means many more qualified leads for you.


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