Facebook’s future: is the writing on the wall?

Facebook’s future: is the writing on the wall?

IBM just celebrated its 100th birthday, so the question going around is which of the current tech super-brands will still be standing proud in 100 years from now. The obvious contenders to send the mind travelling into the distant future are Google, Apple, Microsoft and of course Facebook.

Yet, in the past couple of days I have come across alarming signs of a Facebook-less near future. First, I read a story on the CIO website that Facebook lost 6 million users in the US, then today, a comment by Richard Godwin appeared in the Evening Standard, arguing that Facebook’s good fortunes are turning. To top it all, today I also had business meetings with 7 people from the corporate sector, six of which don’t even use Facebook! What’s going on?

Could it be the privacy issues? Maybe the aging of the Facebook brand influences user behaviour more than the utility Facebook provides. Or maybe, after years of soporific wall postings, people just want to move on with their real lives.


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