Every B2B website is an ecommerce website

Every B2B website is an ecommerce website

It is quite often that I find myself in discussions where someone will dismiss their corporate website as a brand exercise, only because it is not ecommerce enabled.

Absolute definitions aside, your non ecommerce-enabled website is an ecommerce website because it does help you close business.

It might introduce someone to your company, solutions, products or services who later becomes a customer, or turn final consideration into decision when a prospect is about to award a contract, or keep someone informed until they come up with a requirement you can meet. It is almost certain that at some point when the sales cosmic forces come into alignment, your website will have been pivotal in you closing the deal. “Too slim of a chance” you might argue, “it’s not worth bothering”.

The real world might provide some useful insight. Looking back, there is likely to be business you have won because someone you met at a networking event 3 years ago referred you to someone, who referred you to someone else who, years later, came up with a brief that you managed to pick up. And it made you think “if I had stayed home to watch Grand Designs that evening it would have cost us £70,000 today – I should be out there more”. The same exact principle applies to your website. For the same reason you should be out there selling more, your website should be treated as an ecommerce website, always updated, always offering value and always ready to capture interest and turn it into action. Hygiene stuff really.


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