Don’t imprison good content on your website

Don’t imprison good content on your website

Useful, relevant, innovative, provocative, opinionated, exciting and value adding content is a nightmare to create. You either have to pay someone a small fortune to write it, or shred your to-do list and sit down and write it yourself.

Somehow you managed to pull it all together and it’s fantastic; then what do you do with it? The most commonly found approach is to load all this great content onto your corporate website as body copy, highlights, white papers, case studies, etc. and then use your email newsletter to drive traffic to it.

More and more however content becomes nomadic and finds its way to where people actually are: portals, mobile phones, communities and social media websites. A provocative article should not be confined to the company’s website pages anymore, but should be placed as text on your blog, a video delivery can appear on YouTube, a slideshow version can be posted on SlideShare and key components can become topics for discussions on LinkedIn, forums, Twitter and email communities. Once there, the power of word of mouth can push content a lot further than the author indented; social bookmarking, RSS readers, Digg, reTweeting and StumbleUpon are some examples of ways that can increase the reach of your content exponentially.


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