Do you need a mobile website yet?

Do you need a mobile website yet?

Unless you just landed from outer space, it is very likely that you have been following the media obsession with the iPhone (and now with the iPad). You are probably wondering if thousands of fingers, styluses and makeshift pointing devices trawl through your content, case studies and event registration pages every day. We asked the same question about our clients’ websites: is there enough mobile traffic to justify the cost of developing a mobile website?

To answer the question we did a bit of research across our clients’ 10 busiest B2B websites to see what percentage of traffic comes via mobile phones. The results are that mobile traffic accounts for around 1% of total traffic (with the iPhone outnumbering other handsets by a factor of 5). Still a small number to justify any action, especially considering that most of these people can still access your content (unless your whole site has been built in Flash). The second fact worth noting is that mobile access has almost doubled in the last 6 months. According to research firm IDC smartphone sales went up 40% in 2009, so all signs point towards further rapid growth.

So for most B2B companies it is still too early to be thinking of investing into a mobile site. If on the other hand your particular audience could benefit from useful digital tools then a mobile application can be a much better investment for the moment.


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