Content for e-Commerce sites: best practices

Content for e-Commerce sites: best practices

When managing an E-Commerce website, businesses often have to decide what percentage of budget and resources is split between PPC or SEO. Thinking that PPC will be more effective (instant?) often leads businesses to disregard the impact that quality content might have on their generation of leads. After all, you may get a customer to your site, but it will be content that will make them buy. So whether you have decided to invest more of your resources on PPC than SEO, content should still be among your top priority.

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The way you present your product matters 

When a potential customer visits a product page on your website you should make sure that you stand out from your competitors by providing an in-depth description. Many e-commerce sites use short descriptions, which add no value to the product. There’s a misconception that this is the clearest way of presenting a product – it isn’t.

Consumers are eager to know as much as possible about a product they can only see on a screen. Don’t be afraid of overwhelming visitors with a long description; the more detailed and unique the better, always keeping it relevant.

Where possible, avoid copied-pasted descriptions directly from the manufacturer. Not only this is a common and mistaken practice among e-Commerce websites, but it also has a negative impact on your SEO, since search engines process it as duplicate content with no added value.

Encourage customer reviews

User reviews are one of the best ways of creating unique content. According to Econsultancy, 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site with user reviews. Good reviews on your products will highly encourage potential customers to make a purchase, as they will perceive it as more trustworthy and safe.

User reviews will not only create unique content, but will increase your conversions as well. While many sites stick to those copied and pasted manufacturer descriptions or just a few words; customer reviews can really give you an advantage over your competitors.

Don’t have a FAQs Page? You should definitely get one

Your FAQs page works in the same ways as customers’ review. Giving customers the opportunity to participate in an interactive page provides more unique content, whilst identifying issues relevant to the products and services you provide

By responding to customers’ queries, you can reassure them that you are reputable retailer and that you care about their shopping experience.

Use filters, not links

Using different links for one single product will be processed by search engines as duplicate content, which may not necessarily be bad for your SEO, but then again if you have an e-Commerce site, you will be interested in tracking your funnels and those specific paths that led to a purchase. You can easily avoid duplicate content by using filters, which will give you a much clearer picture when tracking conversions.

Take care of your images

Having good quality images of your products matters – including size optimisation to speed up the page load time. It is also wise to name your files with a title that matches the product; using a generic or default file name won’t help search engines to show an image of your products when people search for them.

Jump on the video bandwagon

Including a video in your product pages is taking your content optimisation one step further. Potential customers are eager to get as much information as possible about what they’re about to buy, and a video can mean the difference between deciding to buy a product or not. This is why product pages with a video perform considerably better than those without. It’s also easy for visitors to post video links on social media, which will help link-building and boost SEO. It is wise to include sub-titles on your video (good for the customer viewing at work….) and a transcript of the video to help your SEO.

Whether you have decided to invest on PPC, SEO, or both, content should always receive the attention it deserves, this will promote more customer engagement and ideally more leads and conversions.

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