Build Vs. Buy: a hidden lie & why a blend of the two is the best way

Build Vs. Buy: a hidden lie & why a blend of the two is the best way
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The lie

There are no good “buy” options. Full Stop.

We definitely are not saying that there aren’t any good products out there. There are. But the complexities of moving business conditions and the distinct nature of the internal processes that support them, means they don’t fit. The term “off the shelf” is a marketing gimmick. It really isn’t the same as buying clothes.

In fact, we’d go further and say that we can’t stand those three words: ‘off the shelf’. They’re classic marketing misdirection, implying, “What could be simpler?”.  Well, just about everything.

When firms say that they are going to “buy” a product because it is easier for them to get what the need – that’s a fallacy. To make a product work for your business properly you either need an integration partner (and/or a team of developers) or a change management consultant (because you can’t integrate their purchase effectively and therefore need to change how you do business!).

In our view “Buy” is never just “Buy.” It has to be “Integrate.” If you want something useful.

And so is “Build” “Integrate”.

They both require similarly skilled software engineering talent.

The decision

So if you need the same set of software development skills either way, then why not create something that’s yours? Something that works for you and does exactly what you need it to do?

The benefits can be great:

Perfect fit

The beauty of bespoke systems is that they are tailored to the exact requirements of your company allowing the software to integrate – fully with the business. Whether that is helping you meet legislation or realising key business objectives.

Now & in the future

Scalability can be built in: bespoke systems can accommodate business growth and also contract with any necessary downsizing. The system evolves with the company to provide an ongoing perfect fit.

This is all possible because bespoke systems should be designed with the long term business and IT plans of a company in mind.

Unlocking value

It is about effectiveness as well as efficiency: The best bespoke software ensures that the company moves forward – doing things better – not just automating what it already does.

Balance sheet value

Bespoke software, successfully developed, can also potentially be sold on either as part of the company or as a new product. It can become an extra source of revenue for the company. It can exist as an appreciating asset on the Balance Sheet, not a depreciating one.

The Third-way

Having come down firmly on the side of “Build” (which isn’t a surprise…), we are going to muddy the waters a little……and share a secret

As we said earlier, as ‘Build’ can be seen as ‘Integrate’: and so a third way does exist – a way in which Skyron excels.

Whilst our approach may be seen as ‘Build”, it isn’t.

We like to blend third-party products and services with our own software. This way we don’t need to write everything from scratch.

Just as you don’t have to grow all your own food to make dinner. Going to supermarket, picking the best of the ingredients and bringing them together is generally seen as the best way of putting the family dinner on the table at the end of the day.

When all is said and done the same can be true of business system software. Pick the best products and select the best services and draw them together, with legacy applications, to create something that is 100% right for your business both now and also in the future.

Build and Buy wrapped together as Bespoke.


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