5 uses of corporate video to blow the socks off your audience

5 uses of corporate video to blow the socks off your audience

We have just put our video portfolio on Vimeo which gives me a great opportunity to visit the topic of the use of video in corporate communications. It’s not an accident that, without exception, every company we come across recognises the value of video and wishes that video was more extensively used in both their internal and external communications. It’s easy to see why. Switched-on professionals wrestle daily with an information tsunami that comes from countless sources and in nano-sized chunks. Video on the other hand offers a few moments of sitting back and enjoying the ride; a piece of well-crafted video communication delivers dense content in an engaging way that requires minimum effort to consume it and delivers maximum impact.

Below we list the five most typical uses of video in corporate communications and illustrate each with an example from our portfolio.


Bring to life sales presentations

A pacey 60 second opening will ensure that you grab your audience’s attention from the very beginning and that your key message remains etched in their brains long after you exit the room.


Demo a product, service or process

A video won’t replace your extensive PDF but will work alongside it as a quick guide. This will ensure that more people, especially those averse to lengthy manuals, will become familiar with your product, service or process.


Thought leadership

If you are trying to humanise your communications (as you should) video is the best format to share ideas, views and opinions. From well-orchestrated interviews to impromptu commentary, put those experts in front of the camera and get them talking!


Internal advertising

Modern corporate premises are full of shared screens in reception areas, lounges, cafes, department floors or kitchens. Many corporations use these screens to deliver not only company news but also to advertise products and services, new launches, employee awards, or campaigns. Such video content is likely to be watched by anyone occupying or visiting these premises like employees, clients, prospects, partners, or suppliers and to strengthen brand recognition and trust.


Bring your proposition to life on your corporate website

Why not replace your homepage’s slide-show of uninspiring stock photography with a 60 second video that will blow the socks off your unsuspecting users?


Our sales plug

When we discuss video with our corporate clients our agenda goes beyond the typical topics of the message structure, graphics and production process. We also put great emphasis on the following:

  • How the videos fit into the organisation’s content marketing strategy (either external or internal)
  • The purpose of the videos and the desired viewer response
  • Sharing tactics, propagation and promotion
  • Mobile and multi-screen access
  • Design template and brand consistency (intro, outro, video and audio signatures, etc.)

The proliferation of social media and smartphones combined with the ever-diminishing attention span of your audiences make video the perfect way for your communications to cut through the noise, deliver a powerful message and elicit the desired response.



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