10 non-corporate infographic videos for corporate inspiration

10 non-corporate infographic videos for corporate inspiration

I have been doing some research for a client around video storytelling with graphics and text (infographics). A well written, designed and executed infographic video can be a lot more captivating, memorable and effective than corporate, and usually unphotogenic, talking heads delivering the same message.

B2B companies, especially ones that sell complex services and products, are the perfect candidates for infographic videos . When your message is multi-layered, composed of a mixture of features, benefits, tips, results and testimonials, an infographic video will increase reach, boost recall and also help your audience to better understand what’s on offer. The video, being a portable asset, can sit on your website, on your YouTube channel, on your blog, in PowerPoint to open your presentations, or even on your tablet PC and impress people over a cup of tea.

Some of the topics are cause related, but our criteria when compiling the list have been 100% cause agnostic.

Performance Enhancement from Kenichi on Vimeo.


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