Skyron help Cambridge Journals Online create multi-channel access to over half a million articles

Skyron help Cambridge Journals Online create multi-channel access to over half a million articles

Cambridge Journals Online have launched their new ecommerce website and mobile website allowing students, researchers, librarians, authors and journal proprietors to access over half a million articles online. Skyron was hired to create the user experience and the process was broken down to three phases. First, we conducted primary research and mapped the content and functionality against the requirements of each audience. Then we created the user experience, design and page templates and finally, we tested and submitted all templates to the Cambridge Journals technical team for integration.

The Ecommerce Website

The Cambridge Journals Online website is extremely rich in content and functionality and it must appeal to a number of audiences diverse both in levels of engagement as well as commercial importance. We responded to this challenge by conducting extensive primary research to identify the specific needs, wishes and behavioural patterns of each of the target audiences. All insights were fed into a content mapping process that included the creation of personas and the build of a detailed, wireframe-based prototype. Then, a new design language was wrapped around the content and all templates were tested for accessibility compliance.

The Mobile website

Skyron reviewed all the content and functionality of the ecommerce website and created a slimmed down mobile experience based on a number of assumptions about academic research behaviour relating to smart phones. The mobile website is currently being tracked and all insights will be used for future optimisation.



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